Wednesday, March 02, 2016

'Defeat of South Dakota anti-transgender bill proves visibility matters' & other Wed. midday news briefs

South Dakota Gov. Daugaard
Aside from yesterday's Super Tuesday wildness, the huge story was the South Dakota governor's veto of an ugly bill targeting transgender children. The bill, passed by the state legislature, would had the definite potential of restricting bathroom access to transgender students. The veto came as a huge surprise and the story developing is that it came about because Gov. Dennis Daugaard met with a group of transgender students who explained to him how the bill would negatively effect them.

It's an old story which should be repeated whose lesson should always be taken to heart. We must be public, take a stand, demand respect from our legislators and the most of all, the right to tell our stories. A group not silenced cannot be defined by its enemies:

South Dakota Governor Vetoes Restriction on Transgender Bathroom Access

South Dakota governor vetoes transgender bathroom bill, saying it 'invites conflict and litigation'

In other news:

'Groundbreaking' Discrimination Lawsuits Brought On Behalf Of Gay Workers - This is happening under the radar but the potential of a victory for us is enormous. 

Senate guts RFRA bill; future of controversial measure in doubt - And it looks like West Virginia's anti-gay "religious freedom" bill just hit a hard brick wall.

 Cruz announces anti-LGBT ‘religious liberty’ council - The Legion of Homophobia has returned. 

Christian leader: Trump reveals that progressives were right about evangelicals all along - Truer words were never spoken . . .

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