Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dawn Stefanowicz again?

It always amazes me how the anti-gay industry constantly complain that they are unfairly called bigots because they "merely oppose homosexuality on a Biblical basis" and then proceed to act out in ways that prove correct all arguments about their bigotry.

Case in point: This thing about Dawn Stefanowicz.

I have talked about this woman a few times here and here but her "story" bears repeating.

Stefanowicz claims that she suffered psychological abuse because of being raised in a same-sex household. She has not only written a book about it but also has a webpage.

The problem is that she (and many people who use her story) blame the gay orientation of her father for her abuse rather than the fact that he was a bad parent.

And it continues today with this link from our friend Peter.

Goodasyou.org breaks down this lie with its usual awesome candor, but I want everyone to check something out. It's something I noticed a while back and wrote concerning Stefanowicz's testimony:

In this article in Agape Press (editor's note -Thanks for the link, Emproph!), she recounts her tale, but using the verbage the anti-gay industry uses against us:

“According to Stefanowicz, the liberal media in Canada has done a ‘very poor job’ of presenting evidence on the influence the homosexual lifestyle has on children. ‘Scientific data and negative personal experiences related to this issue that are obviously relevant — they’re ignored, they’re not discussed,’ she says.”

And what studies are these? I noticed that on her personal webpage, she recounts her life. It is pretty much the same story she repeated in the
August 2005 American Family Association Journal.

But there is one difference.

Her American Family Association story contains endnotes and references to studies and columns by various so-called “pro family” groups and spokespeople including Family Research Council’s Timothy Dailey (debunked on this and other sites), Stephen Bennett, and our friend Paul Cameron.

The version of her personal story present on her webpage have the endnotes and references conveniently omitted.

I used to give Stefanowicz the benefit of the doubt, but the more I hear about this woman, the more I am beginning to doubt the veracity of her story.

And constantly repeating her story as a correct indication of life for children in same-sex households says more about the homophobia of Peter LaBarbera and others like him more than we ever can.


Anonymous said...

That defunct link came up on the Wayback Machine:

Daughter of Homosexual Dad Hopes to Share Her Saga with North America

BlackTsunami said...

Emproph my friend,

I owe you big time. I'm putting it in the story

Anonymous said...

The RRRW simply cannot discern the difference between "opposing" homosexuality and being complete bigots, nor do they want to. That's why they fight so hard to keep anti-discrimination laws off the books.

Funny how they're so capable of recognizing "bigotry" towards themselves, no matter how paltry it may be. And, of course, they're all in favor of the laws that protect them from discrimination. Their hypocrisy is astounding.