Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everything you need to know about the Mark Sanford affair (including a commentary on so-called lgbt ugliness)

Being a resident of South Carolina, I am in the eye of the hurricane of probably the most intense, controversial story in the history of this state.

You will pardon me for taking time out from my usual lgbt and religious right postings to look at the various components of this story.

First, a prediction and a little commentary - unless it comes out that the woman Sanford was having an affair with manipulated him into cheating on his wife, Sanford can kiss the governorship goodbye. I've seen this sort of thing before.

The first shock is always the revelation. But there are always other details that slowly peter out. And the details are never good.

Also, it should be known that gays in South Carolina are practically raking Sanford over the coals. There have been some extremely caustic comments about this controversy from my community.

But before anyone accuses of us being overly mean, they need to fully understand our point of view.

When that dreary marriage amendment was being pushed in this state (2006), Sanford eagerly and publicly vouched for it.

So in essence, he was telling me and other lgbt South Carolinians that our relationships have no value. He was telling us that his relationship was better than ours due to the sole quality of him being a heterosexual.

But we are now witnessing that he has no problem with disgracing that relationship by going off to Argentina for clandestine intimate encounters with a woman he is not married to.

Now I can safely say that very few lgbts in South Carolina are dancing in the aisle over this controversy, particularly knowing how it is embarrassing his wife and four sons.

But in all honesty, can we be blamed if we did? Are we supposed to be silent in the face of such an ugly double standard.

Now onto these various components:

Timeline: How the story unfolded - How this ugly sordid thing reached this point.

E-mails detail intimate affair - If anything has the power to completely annihilate Sanford, it will be these emails. And it's sad because they are very poetic.

Hunch leads to airport and tired, troubled Sanford - A firsthand report from Gina Smith, the reporter who broke the story and led to Sanford's confession. The young lady who will most likely soon be known as the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gina Smith (another prediction).

Jenny Sanford Launched Husband's Career - The unkindest cut of them all. It's a hell of a way to go from Lady Macbeth to Maria Von Trapp.

Presidential dream dead, observers say - No shit.

Family Research Council removes Sanford’s picture from Values Voters Summit website. - But they kept Carrie Prejean's picture.

Will Republicans ‘Ask Questions’ Of Sanford, Rather Than ‘Circle The Wagons For One Of Our Tribe’? - And past comments will now haunt Sanford.

Sanford saga adds to GOP woes - That's what happens when you put yourself on a pedestal. When you are knocked down, people are always there to laugh and point fingers.

Poll: Should Mark Sanford resign as S.C.'s governor? - Folks, I've monitored this poll for almost a day now. And it has not changed.

Chris Matthews And "Hardball" Panel Examine If There's A '2012 Republican Curse' (VIDEO) - Please, PLEASE don't give World Net Daily any story ideas.

Articles taken from The State, Politico, Huffington Post, and ThinkProgress.

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Mark Friesland said...

I wanted him to resign at first. But if he stays in office he will be a prominent reminder of the moral hypocrisy of the GOP. So his continued presence in office will only help progressive people. And it is fun seeing Republicans being forced to eat one of their own. Republicans nationally and within SC are going after him like maggots on a piece of rotten meat. Sort of fun to watch.

Unknown said...

As a South Carolinian, I just don't think that Andre Bauer would be a good replacement. Are we ready for another scandal? Who serve as first lady of South Carolina?

BlackTsunami said...

hush charles. lol

Unknown said...

I'm talking as a Republican who had to vote for Robert Barber. However, I would suggest that Jake Knotts serve as Bauer's first lady............another Republican for whom I could not cast my ballot.