Monday, June 08, 2009

More right wing lunacy on Kevin Jennings courtesy of Kevin McCullough

President Obama's decision to appoint GLSEN(Gay Straight Lesbian Education Network) founder Kevin Jennings as Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe Schools has really brought out the wolves.

Aside from the nonsense emanating from Concerned Women for America, Peter LaBarbera, and wannabe activist and expert Linda Harvey comes more nonsense from an old friend of mine, Kevin McCullough via the conservative Town Hall.

McCullough has written a column, Why Obama's Elementary Queering Must Be Stopped, that says less about our President and Jennings and more about the lunancy of those who continue to attack Jennings.

McCullough, who, based on some of his past writings, obviously thinks of President Obama as the Second Coming of Damien Thorne (i.e. The Omen) doesn't hold anything back:

While President Obama was in Cairo preaching Islamist propaganda to the ears of Muslim students this last week, his administration was carrying out an even more sinister agenda.

McCullough of course attacks Jennings for his activities at GLSEN. It disappointed me a little that he didn't pull the "fistgate" card. But not to worry, because McCullough still doesn't disappoint those who have come to anticipate his bizarre ravings:

Kevin Jennings is not just your normal activist nominee. He is a firm advocate of mandated affirmation of approval of homosexual actions by school children, and to this end, his involvement with the GLSEN's "Day of Silence" has moved them to go beyond that to demand "Queer Proms" in the local public schools, and to lobby for legislation in each state to change the definition of marriage to make it mean something it has never meant.

With Jennings' support, the GLSEN chapter in Connecticut has begun pushing not just for "tolerance" or "acceptance" of those who choose to engage in homosexuality in the public schools, but they have actually created an "activity" for the school systems which pushes "positive levels of attitude" such as mandated "admiration" and "nurturance."

In his past, Jennings has left quite a swath of destructive choices as well. He authored the forward for the book titled Queering Elementary which argues for the teaching of sexual "identity" (what you could easily call "indoctrination", "initiation", or "brainwashing") to the children in the elementary education stage of life. The book is so disturbing that it reportedly includes a description of how to "properly" teach a seven year old girl to masturbate.

Because we all know that seven year old girls don't already have enough challenges in this world without being quickly inducted into the "get yourself off" stage of life.

McCullough also proceeds to go into detail about an alleged incident involving Jennings counseling a young boy who was molested by an older teacher. McCullough charges that Jennings should have alerted the authorities but did not.

Now I don't know what exactly happened because McCullough does not give enough details, except for ones that cast Jennings as the bad guy (surprise surprise), but I do know Kevin McCullough enough to know that before I believe anything he says, I would first want two lie detector tests and an affadavit from Jesus Christ himself.

McCullough is not above stretching the truth to fuel his own agenda, such as his behavior in the David Parker controversy. I've talked about the phony claims of Parker before. The gist is that Parker falsely claimed to be persecuted because he wouldn't allow his son's school to teach him about homosexuality. The truth is a bit more complicated.

McCullough entered the situation when he helped to spread a phony story that Parker's son was attacked by a gang of students angry at his father's stance. He wrote a column about the incident - New liberal strategy: Assault 7-year-olds

When the truth came out (Parker's son had gotten into a fight with a friend over a cafeteria seat), McCullough issued no apology for his claim.

In April of last year, McCullough claimed that ENDA(Employee Non-Discrimination Act) would protect pedophiles; a baffling lie:

So stifling would ENDA be in fact that if a Youth Pastor who works with young boys in a church program got caught in an inappropriate relationship with them, ENDA would make it nearly impossible for the church involved to fire the youth pastor. ENDA would directly challenge and seek to limit religious expression, doctrine, theology, and practice.

And then there is my favorite McCullough piece in which he slanders the entire lgbt community:

The “alphas” in homosexual relationships, be they men or women, are many times recruiting younger partners. A vast percentage of those who enter the homosexual life do so after having been sexually initiated by an older person of their sex—be it consensual or not—it usually has the feel of enticement or seduction.

For the record, Jennings has done a lot of positive stuff with GLSEN. I support his appointment and hope he carries that energy into his new job.

The question is not who will protect children from him, but who will protect all of us from the lies of McCullough and company.

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PersonalFailure said...

I'll share a secret with you- seven year old girls masturbate whether you teach them to or not.

BlackTsunami said...

And 10-year-old black boys used to watch PBS at night hoping to see some male nudity or at least tight ballet pants. LOL

Charles said...

I didn't catch that column on Townhall by McCullough. But our dear friend The Reverend Harry Jackson has a column on Townhall right now that doesn't even deserve an answer.

foreverdrone said...

On the cover of McCullough's book The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be: Taking a Stand for True Masculinity we see a photo of a male gender-role stereotype (albeit a somewhat "pretty" type, despite the author's John Wayne fixation). Sells more books, I suppose...

Ironic, given McCullogh's own physical appearance. If you have the stomach for it, set your browser to one of his World Net Daily stories. (And I do mean stories, as in fiction.)

There's his photo, at the top. Why, McCullough isn't a "musclehead" at all! Looks rather milquetoast.

If this sort of book succeeds, it's not on the strength of its prose (the target audience won't sit down and read; it's too "sissy" an activity). Rather, McCullough seeks to flatter his hetero-male radio listeners with paeans to their irresistible potency, while reinforcing their other, more-secret fantasies. Keep it down to a whisper: they dream of dominating women...if only they were capable!

Though I'm mystified: if you react with horror and hatred toward all things feminine, why seek relationships with women?