Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It begins - Rush Limbaugh makes an ugly joke about Barney Frank's sexual orientation

I knew someone would link Barney Frank's very appropriate smackdown of healthcare town hall nonsense to his gay sexual orientation.

I just didn't think it would be Rush Limbaugh and I also didn't know how vile the comment would be.

Of course no one has said anything about it on the conservative sites. Maybe a "ha,ha, Limbaugh is so funny" on places like Free Republic, but as far as I know, Fox News hasn't said a word nor has One News Now.

And I don't think that they will.

Now if someone was to make a statement about Limbaugh's history of pill-popping, I'm sure that would wake up Glenn Beck and company.

But basically, Limbaugh is sending a message that when gay man makes a public statement, it all comes down to his sexual orientation, huh?

On one level we should all be ashamed that Limbaugh is a perfect example of political discussion in America.

I suppose if a female legislator gave the same response as Barney Frank, Limbaugh would attribute it to her "woman's problems."

If an African-American male legislator gave the same response, Limbaugh would attribute it to "black men wanting to always bed white women."

If the legislator was a black female, then he would attribute it to her thinking that the "white woman wanted to date her black husband." I'm sure he would have also said something about razors.

How about if the legislator was Native American? I'm sure Limbaugh could make a crass comment about "casinos and firewater."

Bottom line, it ain't funny, folks. Nor is it something to be looked at lightly when a slur like this happens.

Of course we can't expect anything intelligent coming from Limbaugh. But that doesn't mean the lgbt community should shrug our shoulders and go our own way when we are slurred.

Some of us accuse President Obama of being a wuss. Are we acting the same way?

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Bill S said...

Hey, it's Rush Limbaugh. Were we expecting CLASSY?

Mykelb said...

Rush Limbaugh lives in the gutter with the other white trash of this nation. I wouldn't stoop so low as to give him an ounce of my time.

BlackTsunami said...

That "white trash" as you call him commands a large listening audience. Unfortunately many are as ignorant as him but we still need to call attention to idiocy.

Unknown said...

Limbaugh if a total jerk when it comes to Frank's sexuality. That said, I don't support Frank on his support of a host of issues.

FYI ........... I have boycotted Limbaugh for over twenty years.

John said...

That wasn't funny, clever, or, frankly, insulting. It was way too stupid to be insulting. I haven't heard a Uranus joke since junior high.

Kay & Sarah said...

When a pill popping bigot commands the interest and "respect" of a large group of people, something is definitely wrong the interested group. What Rush Limbaugh should be everyone. I cannot believe that there are radio stations and news media that actually pay him to spew his vileness. Maybe it's time for a boycott for those who advertise on his air time.

Buffy said...

Rush Limbaugh is bloviating, pill-popping shill whose shtick is being a complete jerk. But we still have to call him out when he's particularly obscene or hypocritical. Otherwise it will be taken as implicit approval and his pals will keep pushing the envelope.