Friday, September 25, 2009

'Gay Exorcism' victim speaks out - claims that he is 'cured'

Two sides: black teen exorcism victim tells Tyra he's no longer gay; gospel singer Tonex comes out - Pam Spaulding breaks the situation down with her usual excellence and candor. Basically my feelings are this - unless the black community comes to grips with the fact that lgbts of color exist and talk with us instead of looking at us as outsiders, expect more nonsense like this.

And for anyone who thinks that the lgbt orientation is an 'affliction,' check out the links on the side of my blog about the lgbts of color who proudly made a difference in the world.

From Bayard Rustin to Barbara Jordan to Paul Winfield to Mandy Carter to Audre Lorde, the list of out and proud lgbts of color making an impact go on and on.

Affliction my ass!

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