Thursday, October 15, 2009

Free Republic picks on gay student for daring to defend himself

An incident took place recently in Illinois where a gay high school student complained that a teacher used an anti-gay slur in class:

Geneva School Board members voted Tuesday night to issue a warning against a Geneva High School teacher, who a student claimed made a homosexual slur in his classroom last week.

The notice against teacher David Burk states that any further improprieties could result in dismissal.

Geneva High School senior Jordan Hunter, who is gay and said he was personally offended by the remark, did not think the board's action went far enough. He believed Burk should have been fired.

"I'm just disappointed," Hunter said. "I'm shocked, really. This is not an acceptable end result."
According to Hunter, Burk said during a classroom lecture on Oct. 5, "How do you feel about your tax dollars being spent to fund black [homosexual slur] taking pictures of other black [homosexual slur] in New York?"

To the folks at Free Republic, the teacher is the real victim here.

Yeah, I know it's Free Republic and I know their history of being ugly (i.e. the meanspirited comments about President Obama's daughter, Malia), but still some things need to be put out there as a reminder of just how rude some folks are.

The site even posted a picture of the student so that the post respondees can make fun of him.

And they do unload on him:

Can’t say black anything nowadays. Proof they want thought police and speech police ONLY if it is against the right. Let me guess...he said FAG...oh the horror. Its better than the vulgarity spewed out by “fags” in churches in California. The homosexual worshiping left wanst “Fag” on par with the N word and the F word and more...they know its power.

How dare he offend the left’s great “Rectal god”!

Well. At least he looks the part. (Editor's note - yes the comment is talking about the student)

Not his mom, the mom of a “friend.” Poor little nerd, he is always going to be unhappy and be blaming it on the people who “hate gays.”

Conspicuously absent are Jordan’s parents!! Jordan needs to develop a thicker skin. He’s in for a rude awakening in the real world.

To me, in the photo provided, Jordan Hunter looks uncomfortable with himself. It is as if he knows that homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity, and are contrary to natural law. He knows that under no circumstances can they be approved. We do not know whether he chose his homosexual condition; because for most it is a trial. Unjust discrimination must be avoided. Jordan, and others in his condition, are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter. Basically they are called to chastity. No sane person can be comfortable with people that statistically carry high risks of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, AIDS, depraved and unnatural acts, and, as a group, a statistically significant shorter lifespan. How can anyone with common sense pretend that this is normal and acceptable? The teacher has already experienced more than enough punishment, IMO.

Poofer gets the vapors... tears @ 11.

Geneva High School senior Jordan Hunter, who is gay and said he was personally offended by the remark. Too bad. You made a choice that is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Better get used to being offended and worse.. Once you decide to live a lifestyle of perversion and disease you have to accept the consequences that go along with that.
Oh and by the way. NO ONE has any rights never to be offended. Can’t find that clause in the Constituion anywhere........

These words were inappropriate, and I am truly sorry for my actions,” the apology stated. “The message I conveyed was insensitive and hurtful. That is not what I had intended." Grow a spine Mr Burk You made the comment and frankly there was nothing wrong with it. Tired of everyone being offended by everything. What a bunch of sheep...

Musn’t offend the Fudgepackers. Especially not the Black fudgepackers.

Talk about someone in serious need of a butt kicking. I’m sure that Jordan’s Rest Stop Bathroom Buddies will take care of that.

You gotta love those "defenders of American values" who feel compelled to verbally attack a high school student for daring to defend himself.

So I guess the Freepers think that Hunter (and by extension, all of us lgbts) should be like that self-hating gay character in the play Boys in the Band - the one who after collapsing in the arms of his lover/friend says "If only we could learn to hate ourselves a little bit less"

Someone should tell these folks that the gay of the self-hating lgbt is headed for a slow, but well-deserved and painful death.

What Hunter did was correct and it signals something that I rather like.

Lgbt children should not be subjected to this sort of nonsense. Many of us who are adults (that means intellectual-wise as well as age-wise) know this.

The trick is making sure that lgbt children are also aware of this and making sure that they stand up for themselves when situations like this occur.

So continue to stand up for yourself, Hunter. And don't let the outcome bother you. When you stood up for yourself, you also stood up for millions of lgbt children.

You have more people on your side than against you.

Also, I would be remiss not to mention this incident more than validates the work done by people like Kevin Jennings.

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Buffy said...

What a sick bunch of hateful monsters they are. They treat people like that, yet if anybody said word one about their "faith" they'd be the first ones demanding retribution.