Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Presenting the dumbest reason to oppose gay marriage and other Wednesday midday news briefs

I respect people's right to believe what they want but this has to be the DUMBEST reason to keep marriage equality away from lgbts:

And in other news:

Iowa: head of local NAACP champions anti-gay gubernatorial candidate for marriage repeal promise - Or as I like to term it - "NAACP head loses his mind."

NOM and Catholic Diocese Provide Almost 2/3rds of “Yes on Q1″ Budget - Should we be even surprised?

Shareholders Ask Walt Disney to Include Ex-Gays in Company's Non-Discrimination Policies - The irony is, being "ex-gay" i.e. now heterosexual, they are ALREADY included in the company's non-discrimination policies.

Is an apology enough over 'black fag' remark? - I DARE the religious right to defend the teacher here!

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Philip Lowe, Jr. said...

When I saw that post about Iowa's NAACP's head endorsing the Governor Candidate against same-sex marriage, I just knew you would be posting something about it. :)

NotreVie said...

Hah! I love how his reason was "I wouldn't be here," totally unaware of how many people will recognize that that's proof enough that his logic is flawed!

Bill S said...

Yeah, if his dad had been gay, he wouldn't have been born.
So there'd be one less dumbass in the world?

mykill said...

Why would anyone talk smack about Black Fag? They are awesome.

BlackTsunami said...

Child, that was corny. You have lost all of your cool points and are now down to your "cool food stamps." LOL