Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Father forces son to be with prostitute to cure 'alleged gayness' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Heterosexual Menace: Father forces sex on son - This mention is not meant to bash heterosexuals. Lord knows if lgbts were the offending party, this incident would be in a religious right email as well as a "news item" on One News Now. This mention is just to show the depths of ignorance people can stoop to about us.

Reason #4,543,019 why FRC should stop shunning gays: Access to better choreography!- Yes there are no words cause we are busy vomiting.

Ex-Gay’ Mother Loses Ground in Bid to Topple U.S. Family Court System - This is a sad story for all involved.

Members of U.S. Congress Invoke their Faith to Oppose Ugandan anti-Gay law - Well this is good news

Lesbian lawyer Julie Kamps files $50M sex harassment & discrimination lawsuit vs. her firm - And I hope that sister girl wins.

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