Friday, December 04, 2009

Is Ugandan anti-gay bill a sign of moral righteousness?

I got an interesting comment on my site last night.

Now while I rarely like to focus attention on those who comment on my posts, this is a special case.

It's about that awful anti-lgbt Ugandan bill:

I suppose, we all know that Uganda can never be USA or EU etc etc. We are all missing the point by trying vilify Ssempa and Rick Warren. These two guys only just became friends recently. Ssempa has been in the strong fight against immorality in his country since 1988. His ministry has hardly seen any downfall in the fight against immorality in Uganda. We should then focus more on how to help Uganda rid out what she doesn't like since homosexualty is a dehumanizing act. In fact in Africa where most of you have never lived for more than a week, homosexuality is absolutely unacceptable. It will always be fought ferociously. There is no room for such here. So let's all join arms and support Uganda in its quest to maintain there moral culture. Thank you.

One more thing, Warren has never funded Ssempa. I was even shocked that the many times Warren has come to Uganda, he has never visited Ssempa's ministry. Ssempa has built up himself on Righteousness, Justice, Dedicated Service to his God and Generosity.

It's amazing how this man sidestepped the content of the bill in order to justify it. I don't see any morality in persecuting a group of people and frankly when I read what he wrote, it reminds me of when the late Ugandan leader Idi Amin persecuted Asians. It's an old but effective formula - scapegoat a group of people for a nation's problem, persecute them via violence or laws, and then claim that you are doing "God's work."

Naturally I gave him an reply but if any of you would like to, feel free. I must say that no matter how angry the letter gets you, please do not stoop to baseless name-calling or attacks on individual heritages.

One more about about the Ugandan bill - For a limited time, Truth Wins Out has an excellent video of Rachel Maddow going into more detail regarding the bill and members of the Republican party.

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Mewi said...

If you are smart enough you can smell a wolf in sheeps clothing over a mile away. Rick Warren is a wolf, he doesn't care about LGBT, he'd rather see us all put up for the slaughter.