Friday, December 11, 2009

Latest smear against Kevin Jennings revists familiar lie - 'Little Black Book'

Gateway Pundit continues to tell its Mass Resistance fueled lies on Obama appointee Kevin Jennings.

This time the site is claiming that Jennings and the organization he founded to help lgbt children, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), passed out a guide encouraging children to have sex with strangers in public parks.

It's the latest in the plethora of lies pushed against Jennings.

Let's look at the list of lies before hitting on the new one:

Gateway Pundit falsely claimed that Jennings and GLSEN were encouraging students to read explicit books. This was a serious misrepresentation of the facts.

The site brought up the Fistgate lie irregardless of the fact that this story had been refuted

It propagated a lie that Jennings had led the way to the passing out of "fisting kits" to children. The kits had nothing to do with "fisting" and they were created by Planned Parenthood.

Gateway Pundit made the false claim that Jennings and GLSEN passed out an explicit sex guide "Little Black Book"  to students at a conference in 2005. This was another falsehood. Fenway Community Health officials said they accidentally left about 10 copies of the ''Little Black Book" on an informational table they rented at the conference. Furthermore, no students actually got copies of the book.

That last lie is important to remember because the new lie Gateway Pundit is pushing is linked to it.

You see, the guide that Gateway Pundit is claiming that Jennings and GLSEN distributed to children encouraging them to have public sex with strangers is "Little Black Book:"

The children who attended Kevin Jennnings’ GLSEN 2005 Conference also left with their own “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century”.

. . . So, basically, in the crudest language imaginable, GLSEN recommended that “boys” go out cruising for anonymous anal sex in public parks with strangers.

So Gateway Pundit is ignoring the fact that neither Jennings nor GLSEN had anything to do with "Little Black Book," the guide that, according to Brookline Superintendent of Schools William H. Lupini, no students got a copy of.

Via Media Matters:

On May 18, 2005, WHDH 7News Boston's Sean Hennessey reported that Brookline Superintendent of Schools William H. Lupini says that "none of his students, he believes, took the [Fenway] book home."

What Gateway Pundit has been doing all week is bad enough but now it's becoming downright ridiculous. And to make it worse, the site keeps giving these phony controversies ugly monikers.

The name of this one is "Fistgate VI."

It's beginning to remind me of the Friday the 13th movies. Remember how scary the first two were? But by the time the sixth one rolled around, the series were no longer scary but a silly parody of itself because there was no surprise. We knew what to expect.

I'm hoping that Gateway Pundit's vendetta against Jennings follows the same trail. In this case, we know that we aren't getting truth but ludicrous claims backed by badly done innuendos.

By the way, a site called GrassRootsNation is getting up a petition to the President asking that he fires Jennings.

The irony of this petition is that GrassRootsNation has links to other webpages (i.e. Town Hall, NewsMax, the Washington Times) that don't necessarily like our President all that much.

One site in particularly, World Net Daily, has been one of the main pushers of the "Obama is not a United States citizen" nonsense.

So I'm guessing that my baby teeth will grow back before the President takes that petition seriously.

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