Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul Cameron: Gays are 'compelled' to have anal sex

Last week, various blogs (this one included) brought you an interview with discredited researcher Paul Cameron from Midweek Radio Politics.

In the interview, Cameron claimed that according to a "new study" (done by him of course), gays serving in the military are four to seven times more likely to rape their fellow servicemen.

Just par for the course when it comes to Cameron's continued attempts to demonize the gay community.

Well believe it or not, there is a second part of this interview. It's shorter than the first and in it, the host proceeds to rip Cameron from one end to another. And Cameron's response is to talk about how gays are "compelled" to have anal sex.

The man is disgusting, but remember that he is also the one who formed the basic building blocks of religious right junk science used against the gay community.

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