Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Peter LaBarbera mad at Fox News over gays in the military

Will wonders ever cease?

Our favorite anti-lgbt spokesperson, Porno Petey (I mean Peter LaBarbera) is mad at Fox News over a recent episode of the O'Reilly Factor where guests said that it's time to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell and allow gays to serve openly in the military:

. . . on Thursday, January 28th, FOX business anchor Cheryl Casone (who stepped in for Carlson) and FOX News analyst Margaret Hoover both agreed America was ready to have homosexuals openly serve in defense of our nation [Transcript available HERE].  It was a shocker for me to hear this on FOX News–the “fair and balanced” network.  Even O’Reilly fed into the liberal line which suggested it was time for this social experiment to take place.  It has become all too evident the network seems to be leaning to the left, in order to appease and attract more liberal viewers.  FOX would not want to offend this new demographic which has helped the FOX News Channel’s ratings go through the roof.

Mr. O’Reilly, the purpose of the United States Armed Forces is to defend America.  It is not a place for social experiments or political correctness.  Indeed, the  Constitution does not apply in many cases to the U.S. military and FOX News should not be advocating Barack Obama’s far-left policies.

I don't know what's funnier - the claim that Fox News is trying to "attract liberal viewers," (I especially love how  the network "attracts liberals" with its continued ugly attacks on our president.) or the fact that LaBarbera calls allowing gays to serve in the military a "social experiment."

LaBarbera's pathetic screed is laughable, but that phrase "social experiment" stays with me because I've heard it used before -  it's when folks like LaBarbera are talking about same-sex couples raising children.

In both cases (gays serving in the military, same-sex couples raising children), the religious right willfully ignores the fact that both concepts have existed for a long time. But yet these so-called defenders of morality feel the need to not only speak against them (and create ridiculous and distorted reasonings as to their position) but also deny lgbts our basic humanity.

To them, when gays and lesbians want to openly defend our country, we are doing it for selfish reasons and to allow us to do it is a "social experiment."

When gays and lesbians want to adhere to the natural urge to have, raise, and nurture the next generation, to allow us to do so is a "social experiment."

And why do the religious right believe this? Because to them, lgbts aren't real people; only cogs in some ignorant fantasy they have about "values" and "traditional morality."

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JT said...

"It was a shocker for me to hear this on FOX News–the 'fair and balanced' network."

My brain actually stopped functioning for a little bit after reading this.

The idea that you would hear a perspective different than your own and of many of those working at the station is in fact unsurprisingly of a "fair and balanced" network. The idea that it came from fox news who is typically ironically "fair and balanced" is. Is he complaining that fox news isn't living up to their air quotes "fair and balanced"-ness? Or does he not understand what that term is supposed to mean?

It's too bad Pete is single-mindedly focused on gay sex. I imagine that if his brain developed enough to comprehend what he's saying, it would shut down completely and the world would be a better place.

Queers United said...

The man is a lunatic, even most conservatives support ending DADT it is just popular opinion and he needs to get over it.

ebohlman said...

"Social experiment" is even older than that: it was the talking-point phrase of the day used to oppose Truman's integration of the military.

It's a very carefully-chosen dog whistle.

ColdCountry said...

Pete said that? GoodAsYou links it to Daniel Zanoza.

It doesn't sound quite frothy enough for Pete, does it?