Thursday, February 11, 2010

Religious right distortion explosion!

There seems to be an explosion of religious right inaccuracies taking place today. You think they are geting desperate?

No, the SF study did NOT illustrate that half of gay marriages are “open” - A classic example of how the religious right distorts a news article to make the case against the lgbt community.

The far right's mono-game: Deny gays of monogamy, enshrine them as a monolith - Another view of how the religious right distorted the news article on lgbt monogamy.

Religious groups want gay judge removed from Prop-8 trial - They know they are probably going to lose this case so they jump on what seems to be a weakness. However they don't offer any proof of wrongdoing by the judge. They simply say that because he is gay, he can't be impartial. However, the judge's past rulings prove them wrong.

'Sleight of hand' measure favors homosexuals - It's a One News Now article but we all need a little fiber in our diets. Plus many commentators are skewering Matt Barber. Barber being called out on his lies is ALWAYS a nice thing to watch.

Does Matt Barber Speak For Liberty Counsel? - And speaking of Barber, is there some friction between him and the Liberty Counsel over statements he makes?

S.F. school board OKs new gay support program - how about a bit of good news to counter all of the nonsense.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Darling. If you think I'm going to smudge my day by wading through all this trash, think again.
On the other hand, do you really think we're going to win the prop 8trial? Fantasmagorical.