Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Focus on the Family flip flops on openly lgbt Supreme Court nominee and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Their Focus on the Family is firm -- unless Peter LaBarbera wishes to adjust it - Sooo Focus on the Family backtracks and says that they will oppose an openly lgbt Supreme Court nominee. Why does this remind me of the historical time when the insane head of the Spanish Inquisition Torquemada convinced the Queen Isabella of Spain to not allow the Jews living in the country to live in peace. Call me a historical buff.

Gainesville, Fla. elects gay man mayor - Don't pull out the champagne yet. The low number of victory (by 35 votes) will cause a recount.

Christian Star Knapp Is Gay - Good for her!

Maine's Mike Heath, Self-Appointed and Newly Anointed Head of AFA-ME, Now Running For Governor? - Just what we need. Another nut in public office.

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