Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TVC, Lafferty misrepresent stories about transgender teachers and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Andrea Lafferty spins lies against transgender teachers to hurt ENDA - I ran this before but after yesterday's appearance on CBS in which Lafferty revealed that she and the Traditional Values Coalition will be exploiting fears about transgender teachers, it is important that we get the facts out involving the situations they lied about.

Top Capitol Newspaper Publishes Outrageous Lies of Hate Group About ENDA - Speaking of Lafferty's lies, this is what happens when we take the offensive against religious right lies. Kudos to Dr. Weiss.

HRC head gets praise, flak for Obama's gay-rights initiatives - A controversial article for a controversial figure.

American Evangelist To Rally Against Gays In Uganda - TELL me again how American religious right figures had nothing to do with the anti-gay madness in Uganda.

Jackson: I Will Not Be Civil With Those Who Support Gay Marriage - So much for the semantic argument about "intolerant gays"

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