Friday, July 23, 2010

Did gay marriage 'kill' the penguins? and other Friday midday news briefs

In Memphis, Greatest Opposition to Non-Discrimination Ordinance From Pedophile-Protecting Pastor - Definition of an ugly irony: a pastor who kept quiet when he knew a child was being molested now opposing an lgbt-positive ordinance on the grounds that it may harm children.

Avoiding NOM's Trap - Pay attention, folks.

New Zealand researcher reports correlation between sexual behavior and childhood abuse - Another study we need to get ahead of before the religious right has a chance to exploit it.

Gay Marriage Killed The Penguins - There are no words.

Right-wing conspiracy: Sherrod controversy "orchestrated" by the White House to "smear Breitbart" - If the White House is that diabolical, I would rather have them for a friend rather than an enemy (sarcasm alert).

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