Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Phony pro-family expert Peter Sprigg hits a wall of knowledge and other Tuesday midday news briefs

The following is what happens when a phony religious right expert goes up against a real expert. Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council (the guy who wants "homosexual behavior" to be declared illegal and gays to be deported when he is not pushing phony studies) debates Logan Levkoff, author and sexuality education expert on sex education for children. Levkoff holds her own and then some. It's unfortunate that Sprigg can still be considered an expert after his lies, but still it's nice to see him get struck with facts. And it's on Fox of all places. Take a lesson, lgbt community. THIS is how it's done.

Hat tip - Goodasyou.org and Joe.My.God

In other news briefs

Audio: Oh look, Matt's being tough again. Adorable. Really. - Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel may not know it but he is the lgbt community's best friend. Every time Maggie Gallagher and NOM try to pull that "we shouldn't be called bigots because we believe in 'traditional marriage'" lie, we can always count on Barber to say something which puts a hole in that lie, such as here when he calls gays "disordered. And lest we forget, Barber is the same guy who wants to focus more attention on "gay sex." Why is for you to ponder. I'm no psychologist.

David Boies on How the Prop. 8 Witnesses Fell Apart - Because they were liars, pure and simple. But David puts its much better.

Texas GOP vice-chair defends party’s extremist anti-gay platform - She infers that lgbts should be treated with dignity, as long as we know our place.

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