Monday, August 30, 2010

Lgbts rule at the Emmys and other Monday midday news briefs

Watch: Glee’s Jane Lynch Wins Best Supporting Actress, Thanks Her Wife

Emmy's (openly) LGBT moments - Today the Emmys, tomorrow the world! (Cue evil laugh)

Fox & Friends' latest extremist guest and convicted child abuser blames teen pregnancy on teaching evolution in school - Oh look. Fox News gives a homophobic convicted child abuser a free platform. In other words, it must be Monday.

The 'bigotry' canard: The last refuge of the 'culture warriors' - I think the fact that people like Charles Krauthammer can spin situations so basically dishonest like this (one of his claims is that the tea party movement is spontaneous) and still be thought of as a leading thinker is an indictment on the American system of journalism.

Taliban Operative: We Are Using Protests Against Park 51 To Get ‘More Recruits, Donations, and Popular Support’ - Apparently those anti-mosque protests are working . . . for the Taliban.

Fischer Blasts Beck For Siding With "People Who Want to Use the Anus for Sex" - Bryan Fischer outdoes himself again.

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Inspector13 said...

i was wondering the other day what happened to good old bob enyart. really. he used to run his television show out of south bend, indiana at the christian college that runs channel 46. they kicked him off the air because he had no intention of paying them for the studio and air time even tough he had relocated to south bend. he kind of fell off the map after that. i actually called the station to get info on why he was gone and the nice lady who answered the phone filled me in.

his child abuse thing was still ongoing at the time. i used to count myself as his nemesis as i called and complained often about his show and the nonsense he was spewing.