Sunday, August 08, 2010

MLK's anti-gay niece smears Coretta Scott King for 'not having his DNA'

The National Organization for Marriage has continued its sad, poorly attended "Summer for Marriage" Tour across the nation, this time stopping in Atlanta. And speaking for the organization at this juncture was Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Her speech was ridiculous, especially the implication that gay marriage is "genocide." But what caught my eye were negative comments she made in an interview after the speech.

The crude comments come in at about 7:21 when she is asked about Coretta Scott King's support of gay marriage.

Alveda says that her (Alveda's views) supposedly come from the "Lord" and "Natural Law."

But then she adds a nasty little caveat:
She (Coretta) was married to him (Martin Luther King, Jr.). I've got his DNA. She doesn't. She didn't. She's passed away."
Views about gay marriage aside, Alveda's comments were nasty and totally inappropriate. And I would say that they reveal her mindset more than her ramblings.

Let's be clear. Coretta Scott King was very instrumental in the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. She was more than his wife. She was an integral part in the African-American civil rights movement. And after his assassination, she carved a niche for herself as a human rights activist. Alveda was merely a teenager during the civil rights movement and as far as we know, she never had any discussions with King about civil rights matters.

In all honesty, Alveda has made a career off of exploiting the King name. If she didn't have this name, no one would really care about what she thought in regards to gay rights, African-American rights, etc.

But since it is her name, it is also her right to reap the benefits from having it.

But what she doesn't have a right to do is disrespect the legacy of a woman whose shoes she's not worthy enough to even latch.

Coretta Scott King was a hero.

You, Alveda, are an exploiter.

Please don't ever mistake Mrs. King as anything less or yourself as anything more.

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Buffy said...

She proves DNA isn't everything. As a commenter on another site said, "the DNA fell off the tree and rolled into a ditch".


Dr. and Mrs. King are probably spinning in their graves, with two relatives (niece Alveda and daugher Bernice) out campaigning for the forces of inequality and ignorance. God don't like ugly, and Alveda King is absolutely repugnant.