Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Article: American Family Association turns a blind eye to racism and employee abuse

Sorry for not posting but I've been bedridden all morning. Sick as a dog.

But I did manage to find something juicy:

I've long since believed that the American Family Association lacks a moral foundation and now a new article has justified this. From Religious Dispatches comes former employees who attests to the nasty attitude the so-called pro-family group's not-so Christian attitude and a lot of it has to do with the controversial Bryan Fischer:

Fischer, who hosts a daily radio show on AFA's radio network of 180 stations, has, among other things, claimed that inbreeding causes Muslims to be stupid and violent; called for the deportation of Muslims and for banning them from military service; claimed that gay sex is "domestic terrorism"; called gay adoption a "terrible, terrible, inexcusable, inhumane thing to do to children"; and claimed that Hitler and his Stormtroopers were all gay.

  . . . According to former employees of the AFA, the views represented by Fischer are not only tolerated within the organization, but any opposition to its anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant invective—including reliance on white nativist sources in the AFA's media programs—is dismissed. What's worse, former employees say, anyone questioning such attitudes as un-Christian is denigrated, and in some cases forced out.

And here is something interesting about One News Now, the phony news service run by the AFA and the subject of many of my posts:

The AFA's radio and news division, in particular, said (former employee Allie) Martin, had become a place where authority could not be questioned, and where the "news" was nothing more than a mouthpiece for conservative "sources" whose views were portrayed as fact. (The Values Voter Summit award citation to Wildmon described One News Now as a "respected online news service.") And those views were extreme, even by Martin’s standards of conservative evangelicalism. He said that the director of the news service, Fred Jackson, had a "hateful, hateful attitude" that "carried over" into stories. Martin described editorial meetings in which "liberals were accused of hating their kids," while Chad Groening, who covers immigration, described gay people as "degenerates" and "reprobates."

In the newsroom, said Martin, "I saw the tone of stories develop in a way I thought was disturbing."

"They get people as news sources to say what they want to say but can't say," he added.

After Obama got elected, said Martin, "this went up to a whole new level, we have to vilify this man."

Even without Martin's words, you can easily look at the One News Now and see how true this is. Almost every article having to do with Obama is negative and even the columns (whether they be by Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Peter Heck, or Michelle Malkin) vilify the president in tones that go way beyond ugly.

Posner's article is an eye-opener for those not familiar with the AFA and confirms all of the suspicions of those of us who are familiar with the AFA's phony Christian perspective.

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