Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oprah takes a sad look back in AIDS in America circa 1987

Editor's note - I generally don't make this kind of warning but feel that I should in this case. What this clip shows will get you angry and will probably make you cry. But it needs to be shown what it was like when AIDS first came on the scene - the ignorance, the fear, the surreal hatred must be shown, remembered, and especially told to those who were too young to remember.

Oprah Winfrey took a look back at one of her 1987 shows. This particular one showed a community (Willamson, West Virginia) at odds with a young gay man with AIDS, Mike Sisco. The fears and hatred exploded when Sisco visited the local swimming pool and residents freaked out thinking that he had contaminated it. This is just a small clip of the show:

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