Thursday, January 27, 2011

GoProud hates the 'gay left,' but loves homophobes

From Goodasyou comes this little morsel from Chris Barron of GoProud, the bootlicking gay conservative group:

Really Chris? The "gay left" is angry, hateful, and dumb as shit

Bear in mind that Barron is the SAME man who leads the SAME organization (GoProud) which welcomed into its fold, with open arms, Andrew Breitbart.

 Andrew Breitbart is the same guy who:

pushed inaccurate anti-gay smears against Obama appointee - Kevin Jennings,

claimed that the lgbt community set up flawed beauty queen Carrie Prejean,

promotes sites featuring vindictive smears against lgbt public figures such as Barney Frank.

And Breitbart isn't just a simple member of GoProud. They made him a member of the board.

Well its obvious that Breitbart brings the angry and hateful to GoProud. But in regards to the "dumb as shit," I think the organization handles that label pretty well on its own.

How else can you aptly describe an group of gays and lesbians welcoming into its fold a man so anti-gay that he would make Anita Bryant pause?

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Penny Marie Sautereau said...

Barron is a delusional self-loathing imbecile. Hell he gives Crazy Eyes and Fishy Fischer a run for their money on the "Batshit insane and delusional" metre. Although if that tweet of his was made after 11AM pst today he might have been replying to a dressing down I gave him this morning for calling Dan Savage a freak. Dan is a transphobic bully and a complete and total asshole half the time, but between him and Barron? The only freak is the one who betrays his GLBT brethren to suck up to an enemy he's sure loves him bunches despite the knife they twist in his gut every single day. Chris Barron is beneath contempt. He's the self-hating homo who wants back IN to the closet and he'll damn sure drag every one of us with him. The man is pondscum.

Brian Anthony Bowen said...

BRAVO for the article! And @the shaman of hedon, if it could be said any better, I sure don't know how! SPOT ON! BRAVO!!!