Friday, January 21, 2011

Serial liar joins board of gay Republican group and other Friday midday news briefs

GOProud Adds Andrew Breitbart to Board, Loses Last Shred of Credibility - There is a difference between encouraging differences of opinion when it comes to lgbt equality and looking like a bunch of fools. GoProud leaps over the line and into a huge dark-filled pit.

If NOM's Louis Marinelli wants high road, he *must* take responsibility for past tracks - DO NOT talk about treating lgbts with respect if you can't follow that dictum yourself.

Charges dismissed in raid of gay bathhouse - And somewhere in America, Porno Pete LaBarbera gets angry.

DADT Cost Almost $200 Million In Five Years: GAO Report - Oh yea, we want to bring back THIS policy.

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Donny D. said...

No, GOProud is gaining credibility -- with those gay and straight people who as conservative as they are. The secondary fact that the majority of gay people who are to the left of them are pissed off by this further gains them credibility among hardline Republican conservatives.
- Donny D.

BlackTsunami said...

Hilarious theory with no basis in fact. But if it gets goproud through another speech by another conservative spitting on them like ann coulter did, then more power to the delusion.

Donny D. said...

BT, are you seriously arguing that GOProud won't gain credibility among Fox News watching, talk radio listening conservatives by bringing loathsome Andrew Breitbart on board?

GOProud has written off people like us, who they call "the gay left". They don't care what we think, and have no credibility to lose among us anyway.

And don't fool yourself that they have any problem with what Ann Coulter said to them at their HomoCon convention. Gay conservatives of their ilk are as thick-skinned toward the behavior of other conservatives as they are hypersensitive to any perceived slight from the left, especially "the gay left".

BlackTsunami said...

Nope. They will not gain any credibility. They may gain a certain "usefulness" like a pet. But "usefulness" isn't the same as credibility.

Donny D. said...

I don't see it as an either-or proposition. Both things will occur. There are many grassroots conservatives who believe that gay people are all liberals or "RINOs", and that there aren't any truly conservative gay people. Just by showing up at and having conservative events, and by associating with conservative figures like Farah, Coulter and Breitbart, GOProud works against that perception.

But yeah, as you say, it's true that they will merely be tolerated and used by others in the conservative movement, like David Brock said he was when he was a conservative (he said he was the movement's own "gay dancing bear" that was used to "prove" it wasn't homophobic). GOProud isn't above intentionally allowing itself to be used in that way.