Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conservative marine stands up for gay brother and other Wednesday midday news briefs

NH: Conservative marine resists another kind of repeal - Words cannot convey how awesome this ad is.

Breaking: Prop 8 Ruling Today From California Supreme Court
- This promises to be very interesting.

Gay alumni question policy of Christian college in Montecito - Speaking of another awesome letter. One day I am going to sit down and write mine.

Bryan Fischer's Genocide Apologetics - Just what dirt does Fischer have on the American Family Association that's allowing them to let him get away with this mess?

Gay-Straight Alliance wins peacemaker award
- Enough of the sad press. Let's have some good news for a change!

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Mykelb said...

After reading Mr. Fischer's Native American screed, I find that he is a repulsive lout that needs a good whippin. Then he needs to be completely shunned by civil society.

itgrowls said...

Fisher's statement about Pocahontas is completely wrong. Native American Indian's history states that not only was she not a christian she was also married at an extemely young age. Thus the man she married by todays standards committed statutory rape! if this man actually spoke with elders of her community he would have seen the real history of Virginian politics towards her tribe. It was a marriage much like how the english handle marriages between royalty. it didn't matter the age of the woman just as long as the men in charge of both civilizations were in agreement over the marriage.