Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gay Disney character? and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Mississippi Sheriff Reinstates Fired Gay Corrections Officer - This is good news indeed!

Truth Academy: Putting It All Together - If you have the stomach for it, Matt Algren breaks down Porno Pete LaBarbera's homophobic "truth academy."

WorldNetDaily screeches - Disney animator: 'Gay' characters only matter of time
- This needs no introduction. It's World NUT Daily after all.

Tea Party Group Warns of White "Extinction" In America
- SUUUURE it's not about racism.

Let kids access sites, ACLU tells school - I agree. Let students get adequate resources regarding their orientations

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Donny D. said...

I've long been skeptical of the idea that "social conservatism" is a central concern to grassroot Tea Party movement participants. However, the idea that many Tea Party participants are motivated at least in part by racial animus is believable, given how many of their fiscally conservative (cutting back social spending) and jobs-related (anti-immigration) issues have strong connections to racial prejudice in American political culture. And given how much racist expression has cropped up among Tea Party people -- and I mean above and beyond a few nutty signs at rallies.

I have no doubt that negative feelings toward the election of a black president motivate many Tea Party people, though most of that subgroup would deny it, even to themselves in many cases.