Monday, June 13, 2011

Maggie Gallagher speaks of same-sex households with a forked tongue

According to Jeremy Hooper, this is what National Organization for Marriage chairperson said to the Christian Post:

Gallagher comments, “Sex, babies and marriage are not just intensely personal matters – they are civilizational ones, too.” When you add children to the mix, the stakes are even higher.

“Children are our future,” says Gallagher. “When a civilization becomes sexually disorganized, it cannot seem to channel the erotic energy of the young into making stable, loving marriages in which to raise children.

“The result is a large increase in social problems, an increasingly large government that steps in to try to solve these problems, more suffering for children, and lower levels of happiness for adults, especially for women. If the trends continue long enough, it calls into question the capacity of the society or civilization to transmit itself into the future.”

But how does that gel with what she told a Congressional committee in April:

At 2:29 - 2:41 , Gallagher admits that "there are some gay people who are wonderful parents." She also says that she thinks its unfortunate that people misinterpret things she says as a condemnation of "gay people" and their parenting skills."”

Gee Maggie, maybe folks "interpret" you as having animus gay parenting because you go off on nonsensical tangents about "sexually disorganized cultures."

And in other news:

GOP swings both ways on gay-marriage bill - If this article is true, NOM has a lot to be fearful of.

Today's Prop 8 hearing on relevance of Judge Walker's orientation & trial video release - Some people got too much time on their hands. A gay man can't be a judge? Ridiculous.

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