Friday, June 24, 2011

NOM compares NY loss to betrayal of Jesus

Four GOP Senators betray marriage to pass SSM bill in New York: Grisanti, Saland, McDonald and Alesi.

Lawmakers voted late Friday to legalize same-sex marriage, as four Republican state senators joined 29 Democrats in voting for the bill. The Senate galleries were so packed with supporters and opponents that the fire marshals closed them off. ...outside the Senate chamber, about 100 demonstrators chanted and waved placards throughout the night.

Forgive the amateur way I posted this screen save from the National Organization for Marriage's Facebook page. But go here to see the original.

This monstrosity is the caliber of NOM - comparing its much deserved loss in New York to Jesus's betrayal by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Biblical scholars all know that this betrayal led to Jesus's crucifixion.

To say that NOM is being just a tad too dramatic is an understatement. Comparing a legally passed law which will ensure protection for thousands of families to the bloody execution of possibly the greatest religious figure in history demonstrates just how NOM has absolutely no problem with exploiting everything at its disposal to dehumanize lgbtqs.


Editor's note - I forgot to give proper credit to former NOMbie Louis J. Marinelli for alerting me to this.

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Unknown said...

Disgusting haters. I am so damn glad that grassroots organizing, volunteers and people realizing what is right, beat down those bags of dog poop.

NOM betrays jesus' teachings every time they hate on people. Every.single.friggin.time. Hypocritical rightwing nutters that they are.

Josh in OR said...

NOMbies. I like that! These hypocritical Pharisees will fall further and further as time goes on, as we all know, and their desperate fearmongering will keep escalating as their lies in the name of their god keep getting blown away. I wouldn't be surprised to see them play the Hitler/Nazi/Judas cards more often as we get closer to full equality. These are the only images the simple-minded pawns of the Right really understand.

Anonymous said...

At last, a win for us and a defeat for the bigoted haters lead by NOM and the Catholic Church. It has been a loooong time coming. What a great way to celebrate Pride in New York. I'll bet Sunday's Pride march down NYC's Fifth Avenue will feel a bit different this year. Congrats to all New Yorkers for this great achievement in equality.