Friday, June 03, 2011

NOM's lies gets a complete debunking AGAIN and other Friday midday news briefs

Good Things Made To Sound Bad – NOM’s Latest Plea For Discrimination - Apparently NOM's president Brian Brown told so many lies in his letter that I missed some. Zach Ford of Think Progress gives a complete debunking of Brown's mess.

Right Wing Mobilizes Against Adoption And Foster Care By Gay Couples - Bring it on. Even if we lose this round, the venomous hate and lies coming from the religious right will be further exposed.

Planned gay pride picnic in heart of Harlem puts local church leaders in a tizzy - Further proof that lgbt equality isn't an issue of African-Americans vs. whites. The nasty comments coming from the black pastors against their own brothers and sisters is just sad.

Kerry Eleveld: “LGBT Journalists Are More Necessary Than Ever” - You ain't just whistling Dixie, girlfriend.

Big Bird Causes Gay Prom Queens in Virginia, Say Wingnuts - Yep. That's how it happens.

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