Tuesday, July 05, 2011

How the 'ex-gay' lie led a young man to embrace his homosexuality

Recently, an ugly incident - which I didn't cover at the time - took place. A preacher by the name of Damon Thompson had this hideous revival which he talked about "deliverance from homosexuality"

It's an awful thing to watch when one considers just how many young lgbtqs are lured by a charlatan like Thompson to hate themselves.

But in the case of one in attendance, Thompson's madness backfired. A young man by the name Ashton Elijah Pittman attended the services and learned, because of it, to embrace his God-given sexual orientation. He wrote an excellent piece about it here.

And later on The David Pakman Show, he went into detail about Thompson's lies:

No matter how homophobes dress up their lies in religion, the things they say are pure hatred. And hatred always has a way of backfiring against the one who slings it.

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