Friday, July 22, 2011

Maggie Gallagher's hypocritical whine about corruption

Sunday will be the day that gay couples in New York will be able to legally marry. And naturally the National Organization for Marriage isn't happy about it. The organization has planned protests across the state.

Maggie Gallagher, NOM chairwoman, conducted an interview with the American Family Association's One News Now talking about the situation. And if you ask me, based upon what she said, Gallagher is fortunate that lightning didn't strike her during interview:

She (Gallagher) reports that her group is hearing from "voters all over the state ... [who] are really upset, not only about marriage, but about the lying, the deceit, [and] the flip-flopping. It's really a symbol of the corrupt, insider politics which has dominated Albany for years and is now reaching a new height," Gallagher laments.

Is Gallagher for real? How can she whines about the "deceit" of the NY legislators while her organization are guilty of the following offenses:

sent out mailers and commercials claming that gays are using the marriage argument to corrupt children,

 unsuccessfully tried to skirt disclosure laws in six states in an attempt to hide its donor list,

cynically played the black and gay communities against one another,

gave misleading testimony during a Congressional hearing on DOMA,

knowingly faked an argument about legal scholars bothered by the NY law for marriage equality, and

is presently teaming up with the Minnesota Family Council to stop marriage equality in the state in spite of the fact that the organization claims that gays engage in bestiality, pedophilia, and the consuming of bodily wastes.

If Gallagher wants to talk about deceit, she should look to the organization she helped to start. If it weren't for deceit and corruption, NOM wouldn't have any victories to speak of.

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Lightning may not strike but Karma will. I'm just hoping when Karma does strike, it will be on camera so we can play it over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

If NOM doesn't want to respect other American's religions then other Americans have no reason to respect their bullshit-peddling.

Other belief systems do exist. I demand to see your memo from God saying they are wrong. It's not your oft mistranslated Holy Book. Speaking of which does not have a "The" on the cover. It simply says "Holy Bible". Many other sacred texts also ommit "The". Most of them do in point of fact have a lot in common. God is not a "Brand".

God doesn't withhold blessings for not holding your face right. That applies to gay-face too.

Most gays are not the ones that aren't willing to coexist.

Wake up.

Cosmio said...

I just love reading your stuff!

BlackTsunami said...

Thank you, Cosmio ;p

Anonymous said...

You do mean Maggie Gallagher Srivastav, right. I mean since Maggie is a traditionalist and is married (legally!) to Raman Srivastav, why don't we do our part to help Mrs. Gallagher Srivastav develop some honest name recognition?