Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What NOM really thinks about the black community

One thing I found interesting about the controversy regarding Michele Bachmann and that ridiculous Family Leader pledge (the one which said African-American families fared better under slavery rather than now) is not who weighed in with their opinion, but whose words were conspicuously absent.

The National Organization for Marriage gave no criticism about the pledge. On the contrary, the organization actually praised not only the Family Leader, but also Bachmann for signing the pledge.

In this blog entry, NOM actually brags about being partners with the Family Leader in one of its endeavors (Presidential Lecture Series).

In another one, NOM praises Bachmann for being the first person to sign the now infamous pledge.

In this linked blog entry, NOM claims that Bachmann's signature of the pledge has put her in a first place lead in the Iowa primary.

Lastly, in this entry, NOM mentions that the other Republican candidates - Romney, et. al. - has refused to sign the pledge.

Now what's missing here?

Any criticisms or mention at all about the controversy regarding how the pledge seemingly embraced slavery.  And that's a pretty conspicuous omission seeing how NOM brags about how it has teamed up with the black church on more than one occasion to stop marriage equality.

NOM seems to be a master at exploiting the race card when it can be used against the gay community. In both Maryland and New York, the group allied itself with members of the black community under the pretense that it is trying to preserve the integrity of the African-American struggle for equality  from "homosexual interlopers" out to "exploit that legacy for their own hedonistic purposes."

How ironic is it that the organization sneaks out of the room when it is shown that one of its own is exploiting that legacy.

Of course it's not an irony for those of us who haven't bought NOM's lies about being the black community's best friend.

But it's still something to bring up and repeat. NOM doesn't care about the black community. It never has and it never will.

Now what it can get from the black community is another matter.

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TikiHead said...

It's nice to see their mask slip.

William D. Lindsey said...

"NOM doesn't care about the black community. It never has and it never will."

Alvin, you're absolutely right. And now, how can folks get that point across to members of the black community who continue to be taken in by these right-wing conservatives whose only concern with people of color is to use them in political games?

Jamie McGonnigal said...

Great article! I wanted to point out that Brian Brown clearly thinks of racial minorities merely as political tools. I recently had the happy luck to *bump into him* at a DC airport. Check out my article about the phone calls he made which I transcribed...


Anonymous said...

How many African Americans sit on NOM'S Board? Answer - None .. The black community should wake up and see they are being used.