Tuesday, August 02, 2011

SC newspaper prints interracial gay wedding announcement and other Tuesday midday news briefs

South Carolina Paper Prints Interracial Gay Wedding Announcement - Oh this ought to be good.

Related - announcement in question from The State newspaper

Porno Pete Updates Tax Status - Part 2 of the "Porno Pete's group loses tax exempt status" controversy. Apparently until yesterday, his site was still saying that donations were tax-deductible. Shame, shame, shame.

AFA rips, reuploads, reinterprets video as if it's their own; feign surprise if you wish - American Family Association breaks commandment number seven to beat up on the gay community again.

Rep. West Angry Over Being Dropped From Speaking Gig, Calls Planned LGBT Boycott ‘Intolerable’ - Translation: How dare the gay community call me out for picking on them! Who do they think they are? Human beings?
American Conservative Union bars GOProud from co-sponsoring 2012 CPAC - Well so many people are telling GoProud "we told you so," so I won't.

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