Monday, September 19, 2011

Desperate bigot rails against DADT repeal and other Monday midday news briefs

Rob Reiner Previews ’8′: Proponents Of Proposition 8 ‘Made Our Case For Us’ - And in other headlines, water is wet.

Peter Sprigg says Prop 8 witness proves gays can change; proves why his side does so poorly on (and fears) witness stands - And speaking of which, Peter Sprigg shows his tremendous degree of ignorance. Uh Peter, you do know that you all lost that case, don't you?

NOM Still Promoting Bogus Link Between Pedophilia And Homosexuality - Ugly habits are so hard to break, isn't it, NOM?

Spiritual community split about gay marriage vote - Meanwhile in North Carolina . . .

Wash. Times Op-Ed Demands Congress "Take Our Military Back" From LGBT Activists - The desperation of bigots is sometimes so much fun to watch.

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