Wednesday, September 07, 2011

NOM loses badly at Minnesota State Fair

If a poll at the Minnesota State Fair is a preview of things to come, then the National Organization for Marriage has a lot of work to do in its effort to completely ban marriage equality in the state.

Even after a controversy which saw the NOM backed group, Minnesotans for Marriage (as long as it excludes THE GAYS) get a booth in the fair while the organization fighting NOM's effort not able to retain a booth, NOM received some interestingly bad news.

According to the Minnesota Independent:

The Minnesota House of Representatives conducted its annual poll of legislative issues at the Minnesota State Fair this year, and among the questions was how fair-goers would vote on an amendment to the state constitution limiting marriage to one man and one woman and barring same-sex marriage for future generations. Poll respondents rejected the amendment with 29.8 percent voting “yes” and 66.5 percent voting “no.”

According to the House, the poll “is an informal, unscientific survey of issues discussed in prior legislative sessions.”

Both sides of the debate over the amendment rallied their troops to the fair to vote in the poll. Minnesota for Marriage, which supports a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, and Minnesotans United for All Families, which opposes the amendment, sent email alerts to activists during the fair urging them to take the poll.

The poll had by far the highest turnout ever: 12,549 people took the poll compared to 9,926 last year.

Of course NOM hasn't said a word about this on its blog. If the organization ever gets around to addressing this slap in its face, expect to hear platitudes about how "30 states voted to oppose gay marriage," or how "the only vote that really matters is at the ballot box."

But don't be fooled. No doubt the folks at Minnesotans for Marriage (as long it excludes The GAYS) will be plotting their next move in response to this poll.

According to NOM Exposed, they have already call in the churches. How long will it be before they start pulling the "if gays get married, children will have to learn about homosexual relationships (i.e. gay sex)" card, even though this claim has been continuously proven to be a lie.

Make no mistake about it. For the folks in Minnesota, this is going to be a long year.

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