Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Family Research Council blames booing of gay soldier on Obama

Weeks after the booing of the gay soldier during the last Republican Presidential debate, the Family Research Council is finally weighing in on the incident. FRC head Tony Perkins said the following

As a young Marine I remember my First Sergeant telling me how he was greeted at the airport on his return to the United States by being spit upon and cursed by anti-war liberals that dominated the college campuses at the time. I strongly condemn any disrespectful behavior toward anyone who has honorably served our nation in uniform. But that is not what occurred at the debate. Anyone who saw the debate could clearly see that the audience was booing not the soldier, but the President's policy to use our military as political pawns to force acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle that is abhorrent to most. It is not conservatives who are spitting in the face of the military, it is the President and his liberal allies who are using our nation's brave men and women to advance their radical social policy agenda. 

First of all, the fact that it took FRC weeks to give a statement about this incident is a story in itself. FRC has never failed to give a rapid fire responses when talking about  its disagreements with the President's policy  - particularly that of DADT.

Secondly, leave it to FRC to lie (in this case rather badly) about the soldier being booed. Seems to me that even if you are only booing a policy that allows a gay soldier to serve openly and freely, you are disrespecting that soldier, i.e. the person who is putting his/her life on the line for your freedom.

Perkins's attempt to split hairs here is most un-Christian. But what we have come to expect from him and FRC. They only talk about being Christian. They have no idea what the concept of actually practicing what they preach entails.

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Bernie said...

Keep expose them, my friend, for the charlatans and false prophets that truly are.