Monday, November 07, 2011

Activist - Lesbian couple, students to blame for threats to school

A lesbian couple wins homecoming king and queen at a high school and are subjected to nasty threats.

Who do you blame?

Why the students for electing the couple of course. That is if you are the American Family Association's phony news service One News Now and right-wing activist Barbara Decker:

When students at Patrick Henry High School selected a lesbian couple as the homecoming king and queen, it sparked an outpouring of e-mails and phone calls from the community. But San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Bob Kowba issued a statement to congratulate the two, and he criticizes those who argue the nomination of Rebecca Arellano and Haileigh Adams to the homecoming court, calling the concerned individuals "adult bullies" and saying they are demonstrating "a lack of tolerance and are presenting such a negative role model for children with their hateful comments."

"I'm stunned that the schools are even allowing this," says Barbara Decker of Eagle Forum San Diego. "If we don't set a benchmark of what is supposed to be a male and a female, what's going to happen to the family?"

She argues that school officials acted irresponsibly in allowing children to nominate a lesbian couple.

"If you let the children run the house, then the children aren't going to make the correct decisions," Decker contends. "They need to have the role model of the parents, and the firmness of the parents, and the guidelines of the parents and the schools."

It's fascinating that Decker did not say a word of condemnation about the emails and letters, even though some of those comments were threats - a fact which Becky Yeh (the person who wrote the One News Now article) also conveniently omitted.

Conveniently, but probably not accidentally.

The irony is that while this week One News Now runs articles attacking students' right to pick the homecoming candidate in a fair election, last week the phony news service ran an article defending a teacher (Viki Knox) who verbally attacked a pro-gay display at her school.

So apparently when you called homosexuality a "cancer" even when pertaining to your job, it's free speech and expression. But when students pick a homecoming candidate of their choice and that candidate happens to be a lesbian, it's time to "reign  in" free speech and expression.

Give One News Now credit for something - its homophobia is consistent.

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Mykelb said...

The American penchant for hatred, violence, divisiveness, tribalism, clanism, prejudice, and religious bigotry knows no bounds as is evident in the community's reaction to a 'VOTE OF THE MAJORITY' at this school. And yet, that is exactly what these same people want to do to our INALIENABLE RIGHTS on the State level. FUCKING HYPOCRITES.