Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maggie Gallagher's paper trail refutes her lies

Former NOM head Maggie Gallagher (and now it seems a member of a new group, American Principles Project's Culture War Victory Fund) is out with a video on supposedly how to "handle the same-sex debate at Thanksgiving."

It should be called How Maggie Gallagher continues to lie about the motivations of those on her side.

Watch the entire video if you have the stomach for it. But for my money, the most telling part comes at .44


"Most of us who believe that marriage is the union between a husband and a wife have no interest in shaming those who disagree with us. We understand that most people can disagree on extremely important moral issues."

Then she proceeds to claim that the gay community is unfairly labeling folks on her side of the argument as bigots. It's the same one-note argument she has continued to push:

"If you don't think two men in a union isn't a marriage, you are a bigot, like people who wanted to hold back African-Americans . . ."

But again, Maggie, you continue to demonstrate why you were a piss poor spokesperson for NOM.

In other words, your claims of victimhood don't mean a thing when there is such a huge paper trail of hateful comments, mailings, and flyers which NOM distributed about not just same-sex couples, but the gay community in general.

Such as the following flyers:

And let's not forget the slanderous comments and posts made about the gay community by NOM - all taking place when Gallagher was chairperson:

NOM Still Promoting Bogus Link Between Pedophilia And Homosexuality

NOM Promotes Calling “Sodomy” The “Cancer Version” Of Heterosexuality

NOM Newsletter: Gays Are Engaged In “Jihad,” Want To “Take Away Your Rights”

NOM Links Homosexuality To Pedophilia (Again)

NOM President Claims Marriage Equality Will “Normalize Pedophilia”

One of the most annoying things about Gallagher is the absolute nerve of how she tries to make folks believe that NOM is only interested in reasonable discussions about marriage equality when the organization has been guilty of labeling the gay community as sick, diseased perverts out to harm children and cause general mayhem. And a lot of this labeling took place when she was chairperson of the group. I'm hard pressed to believe that she didn't know about this.

So Maggie, spare me talks about reasonable discussion. And please stop saying that folk like yourself aren't interested in shame those of us who support marriage equality.

And most of all, please stop whining that folks on your side of the spectrum are unfairly being labeled as bigots.

Basically your words mean nothing because we have the paper trail to refute you.

Hat tip to Equality Matters.

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Brad said...

Here's my response to Maggie's "Moral High Ground" and anyone who took her view at the T-day table:

1. So only people who are fertile and actively making babies should be married by your definition. By your argument sterile people and people beyond child bearing age should not be married? Really?

2. But ya are a bigot Maggie, ya are. It's not a nice word but we call them as we see them.

3. Tolerance only goes one way? I have to give up the rights and responsibilities of marriage because you can't live with any other point of view? That's not tolerance. You can continue your quasi-religious beliefs and disapprove of my relationship. You cannot interfere with my relationship anymore than I can interfere with yours. Can I vote on your marriage?

If you were a guest in my home: I don't particularly like your self-righteous attitude and you can leave our home now. Here's your coat. Please don't come back.

If I were a guest in your home: I've heard enough, time to go. Where's my coat. I won't be back and please don't ask me again.

Wade MacMorrighan said...

I, too, have long since been suspicious that Maggie could have been on the Board of NOM and *not* been cognizant of what it was doing, saying, or how it was demonizing us! And, I also found it telling how Maggie kept insisting on making the so-called "debate" one about "morals" which is a strictly religious purview.

Unfortunately, however, brad, Maggie would insist on refuting your first point, albeit speciously, by insisting that even though they are sterile or may not want children, "they still send the proper message...that marriage is principally about bringing together the two great halves of humanity and transmitting a 'marriage culture'."

John B. said...

Meanwhile, their blog moderator allows comments like this from their supporters, while blocking polite commentary from those who disagree with them:

"No one needs to feel awkward at Thanksgiving dinner table. The arguments against same-sex civil marriage are definitive, while the arguments allowing people of homosexual persuasion (perversion) their private civil rights are also definitive. But, in general, it is not polite to discuss subjects that can imply anything to do with -f e c e s- at the dinner table. It just makes you want to throw up. Nevertheless, some people are crude and actually enjoy discussing these things at their dinner table. That's their right. It's their turkey. Hope for good digestion." (from

I always have to wonder, why are they so fixated on a particular sexual practice that not all gay men (and probably virtually no lesbians) like or even engage in? I can talk to my parents and siblings about their marriages, without being so perverse and impolite as to fantasize about what they do (or don't do) in bed. I would hope they would return the favor. The fact is that the opponents of same-sex marriage have no idea what we do behind closed doors, unless they're spying through our windows. Heck, we could be perfectly chaste, for all they know.