Friday, December 30, 2011

'More Chuck Norris hypocrisy' and other Friday midday news briefs

Chuck Norris Wants The Christian Bible To Be Taught In Every Public School - Excuse me but a man who will deliberately lie about Obama Administration policy as it pertains to the lgbtq community has no business giving advice on the reading of the Bible because it is apparent that he never reads his own.

Capt. Obvious low on ad budget, TWO steps in to run 'Gay is not like KKK' ad - Truth Wins Out kicks butt with another full page ad.

Gay baiting party loses in Jamaica - Too early for the full happy dance, but a bad party has been moved out in Jamaica.

Gay Nativity Scene At Claremont United Methodist Church Vandalized - Ugh.

Pariah Personals - Via Think Progress, Salon looks at the various stories of lgbtq youth of color.

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RichRob said...

i never realized how effeminate chuck norris is. he's becoming quite a queen in his old age. methinks he's trying to hide more than his bald head.

Anonymous said...

I sort of agree with Norris so long as they read and discuss the entire Christian text known as the Bible. For if they do so they begin to understand that the books of the Bible had multiple authors and the writing took place over centuries.

They then understand that the text is a product of its own time.

But I think Norris just wants Jebus taught to everyone.