Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'NOM lying through photos again' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Why is NOM’s NH effort so local-averse? - Sad. The National Organization for Marriage continues to lie through photo-shopping.
Farah Disparages GOProud and Warns that Obama Made U.S. "Global Sex Cop" - GoProud needs to stop whining about "the Gay Left" cause we aren't the ones giving the group hell.

Ghana Hopes ‘Incidence Of Homosexuality Will Be A Thing Of The Past’ - Ugly mess.

James Inhofe Stands By Rick Perry, Talks Bestiality, Gays In The Military - One fool standing by another fool equals two fools who should sit the hell down.

DeMint Blocks Confirmation Of El Salvador’s Ambassador Because She Condemned Homophobia - DeMint doesn't think that gays should teach children. Why should we be surprised over this?

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