Thursday, December 15, 2011

Religious right leader goes off the deep end about Macy's, Hilary Clinton, and bathrooms

Cindy Asmussen of Concerned Women for America’s Central Texas chapter wants you to know that she is really upset over the so-called plots of the gay community.

First, she joins the Liberty Counsel in spinning lies about the former Macy's employee who was fired for violating store policy while harassing a transgender customer.

The Macy's store in San Antonio, Texas, fired Natalie Johnson after she noticed a cross-dressing man wearing lipstick coming out of the women's dressing room; she politely told him the rooms were for women only. The man, and several friends who were with him, began shouting profanities at Natalie and demanded to speak with her supervisor. After the management of the store assured the man that Macy's was indeed a LGBT friendly store and transgender men could use the women's dressing rooms, the supervisor then summoned Natalie into an office where she was forced to choose between upholding the company policy or job termination. Natalie chose to defend her values and the belief that it is a dangerous precedent to allow men to change in a women's dressing room also used by young girls. For that, she was fired.

So many lies. First of all, the customer was not a man. The customer was a transgender teenager. Secondly, please note the careful but very inaccurate semantics which Asmussen uses:

Natalie chose to defend her values and the belief that it is a dangerous precedent to allow men to change in a women's dressing room also used by young girls.

Asmussen is continuing to push the highly inaccurate idea that Macy's policy will allow men to barge into dressing rooms and rape little girls. This is a lie constructed to exploit fears and ignorance about Macy's policy and the transgender community - a very un-Christian thing to do.

Amussen continues to go off on her tangent, taking time to condemn Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for her recent speech in Genova which condemned the persecution of lgbtqs worldwide:

On December 6 at the United Nations, Hillary Clinton championed LGBT "rights." She claimed that members of the LGBT community are born that way, and it is something they cannot change. We know from all of the facts and testimonies of those who have come out of LGBT lifestyles that this is simply a lie. They can and do change all of the time. It is a behavior and a choice, and this is why there are several nationwide ministries helping those who want to be free from this lifestyle.

Naturally Asmussen is not a medical professional. The idea that one can change one's sexual orientation has been condemned constantly by group such as the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association.

Asmussen finally goes off of the deep end with the silly "gays want to persecute Christians" angle and manages to really space out:

Yet despite that, LGBT activists want to alter OUR lifestyles by intimidating us into accepting what we know is not of God, by trying to inhibit our free speech rights and abilities to speak out against it, and by forcing us to use the same dressing rooms (and, in many cases, bathrooms) with the opposite sex.

So in Asmussen's world, going against your employer's policy and harassing customers, forced rape and tortures are Christian virtues and gays are secretly plotting to make her sit in a bathroom stall next to a man.

Sometimes it's so difficult to put into words just how ridiculous these people are. Luckily for me, they manage to put those words out themselves. All I have to do is put a spotlight on them.

Editor's note - one useful thing this silly woman did was to put out exact information to the higher-ups at Macy's. Write or email to these folks and thank them for standing up for the lgbt community, particularly our children. And tell them not to back down in the face of lies:

Macy's President, Terry Lundgren, at or call the headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, at 513-579-7000. You could also call Jim Sluzewski, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, at 513-579-7764; or Julie Strider, of Macy's Media Relations, at 646-429-5213.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

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Cline Architects said...

slightly off topic, but notice that programs to "help" gays turn straight are called "ministries," not "medical clinics."

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I don't remember hearing "shouting profanities" before. Twist the lie just a little bit more...

Anonymous said...

As someone else noted about Clinton's speech "asking other countries not to execute LGBT's is not "promoting homosexuality"