Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Same-sex kiss generates controversy' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Hopefully everyone had a happy holiday. I am going to ease myself back into normalcy with a few news briefs to start things off:

Readers react to photo of female sailors’ homecoming kiss - It appears that some people aren't happy with a certain recent iconic kiss. This kiss right here:

NOM’s Christmas Gift: Deepening Desperation - Meanwhile, a certain anti-gay group is getting pitiful. I mean this is simply ridiculous, even for NOM.

Taylor Lautner 'People' Magazine Coming Out Cover A Fake - Who the hell is Taylor Lautner?

Disgruntled Ex-Paul Staffer Says Paul Wouldn’t Use Gay Man’s Bathroom - That's how we "convert" people, you know. We let them use our bathrooms and when they lift the toilet lid, Rip Taylor jumps out and hits them with "gay confetti."

What If Your Child Says, I'm In The Wrong Body? - An issue which speaks for itself.

NC Psych Assoc. Publishes Top 4 Reasons Opposing Gay Marriage is Bonkers - Awesome list.

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