Monday, January 30, 2012

'Will religious right rail against opinion they once supported?' and other Monday midday news briefs

New Hampshire Republicans May Lack Votes To Override Governor’s Veto Of Marriage Repeal Bill - New Hampshire may pass a bill repealing marriage equality in the state this week. However Governor John Lynch said that he would veto the bill and its looking like the legislature may not have the votes to override the veto should it come to that. A empty victory for NOM and its allies if it all comes to pass.

Restaurant Refuses To Serve Anti-Gay GOP State Senator Stacey Campbell Because Of His Hateful Agenda - If the religious right tries to make a fuss of this situation, then they would be hypocrites. You see in opposing pro-gay laws in terms of employment and such, they argue that business owners should be allowed to make decisions based upon their "deeply held personal beliefs." And in this case, it may be that a business owner had a "deeply held personal belief" that he/she wouldn't serve homophobes. Not so strange how discrimination springs back against those who would allow its practice.

U.N. Secretary-General Defends LGBT Rights In Africa
- Good for him!

Romney Touts Support Of Pastor Who Sees A Correlation Between Marriage Equality And 9/11 - Nice going, Mittens.

Linda Harvey Demands Parents Fight 'Foolish and Deceptive' Gay Rights - Naturally Harvey doesn't talk about gay parents.

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