Monday, February 27, 2012

National Organization for Marriage slapped down by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court just gave Brian Brown and NOM something to really cry about.

According to Think Progress, the National Organization for Marriage continued its losing streak in front of the courts with a huge loss at the U.S. Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear the National Organization for Marriage’s challenge to Maine’s campaign finance laws:
The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a constitutional challenge to a Maine law that requires those seeking to raise and spend money in state election campaigns to organize as a political action committee for that activity, and make significant disclosures about their financial operations.   That was challenged in a petition, National Organization for Marriage v. McKee (11-599), after the state law was upheld by the First Circuit Court.
Though this may be perceived as a non-event, it represents a huge defeat for the anti-gay organization’s secrecy and as well as its self-victimizing claims that supporters of “traditional marriage” are persecuted for their beliefs. NOM was one of the top fundraisers supporting Maine’s Question 1 in 2009, a people’s veto of marriage equality legislation that ended up passing. For three years, NOM has used this lawsuit to keep the sources of its funding hidden, but now the organization has no other avenues to appeal, having lost every step of the way.

Though their identities remain unknown, NOM has a select group of donors that fund most of its operations. In the meantime, it purports to have a broad base of “members,” even though it doesn’t collect any money from membership dues. It is particularly fortuitous that NOM faces this loss in addition to its similar setback in Washington state, as both states are planning for referenda to approve marriage equality this year. Unfortunately for Brian Brown, John Eastman, Maggie Gallagher, and the rest of the NOM crew, free speech does not come without the cost of accountability, and the world might soon see just how NOM has paid for its.

Just in time for the 2012 marriage equality fights. How very fitting. Now instead of jeering, how about we take some action. We all know where NOM's money is probably coming from. The Supreme Court has set up the coup de grace for us.

Now we need to deliver it.

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Woodstock said...

I wonder if their anonymous donors will be as generous when their identities are revealed to the world. I predict these bigots would rather operate in secret, and when exposed, they'll crawl off to another dark place. Bigotry can't withstand the light of day.

Chris said...

NOM has been oddly silent on the matter on their blog. So, any bets as to who the #1 donor is? My money is on the Catholic Church

Woodstock said...

Catholics or Mormons? It's a tossup.

Anonymous said...

I think that what ever the Catholics give the Mormons will match

Reed Boyer said...

I'm guessing The Family/Traditional Values "C" Street lot.
Heavily Rom Catholic, but glad to include Dominionists. And, with Mormon ambitions extending to post-humous baptisms, I'd hazard that they're also happy to continue sprawling beyond the confines of Utah.
And beneath all of these: my rock-bottom bet is "the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch."

Daniel Wachenheim said...

I would love to see how the Neanderthals Opposing Marriage is supporting its hate campaign. I hope that a list of supporters will soon appear online.

Ned Flaherty said...

NOM's most likely funding sources (estimated):

1. Mormon church (partly proved already)
2. Catholic church (partly proved already)
3. anti-LGBT organizations (partly proved already)

4. Republican party (highly likely)
5. anti-LGBT corporations
6. individuals