Thursday, February 16, 2012

We win in New Jersey in spite of veto threat

By a vote of 42-33 the New Jersey legislature has passed a marriage equality bill. That's the good news. The bad news is that Gov. Chris Christie has promised to swiftly veto the bill.

But it doesn't end there in terms of good news. The legislature has until the end of 2014 to overturn the veto.

In spite of the confusion, I consider today to be a huge victory. You see, I was around when the subject of marriage equality first came big on the scene in 2004. Back then, the opponents rode a tsunami of energized opposition. It was an ugly time because it reminded us lgbtqs just how some folks felt about us. There was so much ignorance about the subject.

But now, over eight years later, we are riding the tsunami. As people began to become educated about the subject of marriage equality, it became a simple fact to them that all the lgbtq community wants is safety and commitment for our loved ones. Public support is on our side, as well a few legislative bodies. These are two things that I thought I would never see as a possibility.

Gov. Christie will probably veto the bill and folks will work like hell to get the votes to overturn it and that's how it should be. It's indicative of the fight over marriage equality. It's not going to be a cakewalk, but a long slog; a battle of attrition.

And personally, that's fine by me. You see, the opposition isn't advancing like they were in 2004. We are. Sure they may hold us off in some places. They may convince a legislative body in one  area to not vote on marriage equality and they may successfully push a referendum in another. But all of their actions are merely to beat back growing momentum. And their attempts won't be successful because they are not gaining ground. They are either losing ground or fighting like hell to hold on to the ground that they already have.

Meanwhile, we are doing the gaining  and doing it quite well.

What our opponents fail to realize is that all of their attempts are mere postponements of the inevitable. You can only postpone the inevitable, but you can never stop it.

And marriage equality is an inevitability.

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Anonymous said...

"Gay marriage" isn't going anywhere. The more people know about it, the more they will shun it. You know that and that is why you simpletons want to have your perversion legislated to us.

BlackTsunami said...

Oh you poor thing. Did I strike a nerve? If you don't agree with gay marriage then don't have one. Time is on our side here.

Michael Barber said...

I notice that the haters always remain anonymous just exactly like KKK sheet wearing murderers.

ButchCountry said...

The extreme right wing-nuts get mighty brave when hiding behind a computer screen using very clever names like "Anonymous" lol, it's people like him/her? that makes the US the brunt of so many international jokes, they truly are an embarrassment to your great nation.

Just know that we here in Canada are patiently waiting for the USA to declare EQUALITY and justice for ALL, not just for the over zealous nut jobs like "Anonymous"

Wyocowboy said...

Like I always say on this comment is that hx shows us that relgion ALWAYS looses in the long run. All the things that religion has been against has come to pass and gay marriage will too. Patinets is on our side even though we would like it now...just wait and be patient it will come. Let the wing nuts waste their money...just think of all the millions they will be wasing. Someone needs to tally all the money they have spent and post that.

Daniel Wachenheim said...

I'm happy to see the NJ legislature had the courage and integrity to do the right thing. If only we could say that about the governor. I agree with Newark Mayor Cory Booker that civil rights should not be put up to popular vote, but I imagine that will happen by proxy in the next election - votes will turn on which side legislators support. I never dreamed in my life any politician would support gay equality, let alone there would be gay marriage in any state. Amazing, just amazing.

Anonymous said...

If Christe vetos it I think we should take a page out their playbook and start bitching that one governor ignored the will of 42 elected representatives.

Chris said...

I think Christie is under the (mistaken) impression that we live in a true democracy; sadly, he shares that misconception with most of NOM. I'd be willing to bet that if asked, Christie, Maggie, and Brian couldn't even name what form of government the United States of America has (hint: Constitutional-based federal republic).

Solas said...

It would seem that current events tell a different story than what our anonymous friend predicts. While it is unfortunate that there are those who still believe basic rights should be put to a popular vote, there is a slight comfort in knowing that gay marriage is gaining support.

Jay said...

I am hopeful that the New Jersey Supreme Court will rule on this issue soon. There is a case filed by Lambda Legal that is proceeding in the courts arguing that the "civil unions act" did not result in the equality that the Court ordered in 2008.