Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anti-gay pundit - 'GLAAD is in league with Satan and wants me dead'

Poor Kevin McCullough.

GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project has really gotten to him. Earlier today, he was caught telling a lie in terms of the statements he had made about same-sex relationships.

But now, he has gone full Captain Queeg. For the uninitiated, Captain Queeg was a character from the book and motion picture The Caine Mutiny. He was the captain of a submarine who, when faced with the pressures of war, became completely unstable and was reduced to rambling paranoid theories about locks and strawberries.

McCullough has done Captain Queeg one better. When confronted with being held accountable for statements he has made against the lgbtq community, his conspiracy theories involve Satan and murder:


I got to tell you, when you get targeted by the Enemy, and I mean the Evil One, I don’t mean human beings but I mean by His forces, it can be rather earthshaking and then it can be rather deliberatively motivating. And so I would ask friends as you have just heard, I just told you about this list that GLAAD has put out, Tim Wildmon, Bryan Fischer, both on the list, Kevin McCullough is on the list, Tony Perkins is on the list, David Barton, brother Don [Wildmon] is also listed, Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins, Jim Daly, the head of Focus on the Family, all on this list, about thirty people that have been targeted by the most radical of activists that are seeking to basically blackball our voice from being allowed to be put into the public arena.

GLAAD doesn't want McCullough dead. Right now he is the organization's best justification of its project.

His statements speak to  the point that GLAAD is trying to make - if McCullough is ever interviewed by the mainstream media, he is not going to repeat that paranoid theory. He is going to make his homophobia sound reasonable and religious-based.

And he is not the only anti-pundit playing this game.

But that paranoid ramble, that sheer lunacy in regards to the lgbtq community is what he really thinks. And the question is just how many of those anti-gay pundits are disguising such nauseating, paranoid homophobia behind religious beliefs.

 That's the question the media needs to ask.

Hat tip to Right-Wing Watch.

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PJB863 said...

There are two memes going on here:

1) "They're trying to silence christians." Not even close. How is publishing someone's comments silencing them? That makes no sense. If they mean that their own comments make them look like lunatics, they're absolutely right. It's called the marketplace of ideas. It's also called "telling the truth on them" as Harry Truman used to say.

2) "I consider this a badge of honor." Right. Give it a couple of days or weeks and they'll be twisting themselves into knots to try to disavow these comments, running from them like a bunch of kindergartners run from a turd on the playground. The latest twist on this one is LaBarbera's claim that his comments, as well as those of others, were taken out of context.

Hey, you guys have no one to blame for making asses of yourselves except yourselves. You worked hard to be labeled hateful bigots, now put your money where your mouths are and wear that label with true pride. Just don't expect that label to give you any credibility going forward.

Bernie Keefe aka OneOfThe Watchers said...

As I tweeted to Brian Fischer last night,"By all means, keep talking."

Their continued vitriolic statements prove to the rest of the world that they are antithetical to Christianity. Their own hate that they convey via their mouths shall be their own undoing.

Prospero said...

First of all (though I hate to be so shallow), I'd be very afraid to see the woman who 'completes' this troll.

Second, why do these idiots keep spouting this kind of nonsense? Do they have no clue that they're only adding fuel to the fire against them?

Don't answer that. They're obviously too stupid to know better.

Anonymous said...

Although it's only tangential to the point you're making, the Caine was not a submarine but a destroyer-minsweeper.