Thursday, March 01, 2012

'North Carolina gaining momentum against Amendment 1' and other Thursday midday news briefs

THIS is how you break down the dangers of an anti-gay amendment:

Protect All NC Families, the campaign to stop North Carolina's Amendment 1, which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage, is clearly bringing its A-game to this fight! According to Protect All NC Families:
117 partners have joined the coalition — including the NAACP, Southerners on New Ground, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, and numerous faith congregations.

We have 30 staff and seven field offices across the state.

We have raised more than $600,000 — more than $150,000 of that has come in online, with more than $80,000 of that number coming in the last three weeks.

We have more than 2,000 donors who have given $92 on average — the grassroots donors are with this campaign. We have raised our money in $10, 100, 250 and 1,000 chunks and we are ahead of schedule with what we have raised from that category.

We have more than 15,000 volunteers at this point and we are making 20,000 voter calls per week.

Important validators such as Senator Kay Hagan, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton, the conservative Carolina Review, libertarian thinker Michael Munger, Myers Park Baptist and others have come out in opposition to the amendment in recent weeks.

In other news:

NOM, ADF protect sanctity of church/state marriage
- So churches should stand against marriage equality even though it's not necessarily an issue pertaining to them because no churches are forced to marry same-sex couples. Okay.

Tennessee Principal Condemns Gay Students To Hell - I absolutely DARE the religious right to defend this woman.

Perkins Claims that Gay Rights Advocates 'Want to Silence the Church' - I DESPISE Tony Perkins but even I'm astounded here. Read how he connects the lgbtq community to an issue having ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with us.

Russia: Don't Go There (VIDEO) - Russians counter mind-boggling homophobia (yes it's an oxymoron) by their public officials.

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Daniel Wachenheim said...

I hope that N Carolina does not vote to codify discrimination. But if that's the case, I will need to change how I think of N. Carolina politically and socially. I would love if that happened, and on this issue would make N. Carolina seem more forward thinking than California. That would be awesome.