Friday, March 09, 2012

'SPLC takes aim at the creators of anti-gay junk science' and other Friday midday news briefs

In newest issue of the Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center has focused on the purveyors of anti-gay junk science - i.e. the shell groups and sham organizations created to give these inaccuracies a veneer of credibility. These articles are required reading for all of us in the lgbtq community as well as those interested in exposing the tools used by the religious right to demonize the lgbtq community:

NARTH Becomes Main Source for Anti-Gay ‘Junk Science’

The Ministries: Key ‘Ex-Gay’ Groups

American College of Pediatricians Defames Gays and Lesbians in the Name of Protecting Children

In other news:

A 9-Minute Clip of Nutty, Homophobic 'Christianist' Testimony on the Omaha LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill: VIDEO - Watch at the risk of your own sanity.

Marriage Amendment -- a Hindu perspective - Fascinating but pertinent reason why the anti-marriage equality amendment in Minnesota should be rejected.

Pope denounces U.S. political push to legalize gay marriage - With respect to the Pope, this is a secular issue and he should be advised that we are no longer in the Middle Ages where the church, particularly the Catholic Church, had a say in secular laws.

Video: Roland Martin hosts good MD marriage debate (really) - Roland Martin? Really? Well I vouch for Jeremy Hooper and if he says it was a good debate, then it was a good debate.

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1 comment:

Daniel Wachenheim said...

That Omaha video makes the opposition look really misguided. Which, of course, they are. I really don't think there will be a Gaymageddon in Omaha. Adam & Barney - priceless!