Monday, April 02, 2012

NOM faces 'headline' embarrassment at religious right publication

Jennifer Morse of NOM's Ruth Institute thinks that NOM's race-baiting is a good strategy.
How much in trouble is an organization if a piece written to help shield it from scandal actually brings more embarrassment on its head?

That's a question for the National Organization for Marriage.

This morning, the American Family Association's One News Now attempted to push a piece which I guess was supposed to help NOM quell the controversy started last week after secret documents revealed that the organization was attempting to "drive a wedge" between the gay and African-American community over the subject of marriage equality.

The piece was nonsense - simply the head of a NOM affiliated organization (Jennifer Morse of the Ruth Institute) whining that NOM's strategy was genius and that there was a "double standard" when it comes to criticizing tactics of those who support marriage equality and those who oppose it. Morse did not go into detail so to when have marriage equality supporters ever been caught admitting to playing communities like pawns and One News Now omitted the fact that her organization was affiliated with NOM.

In other words, it was standard b.s. - that is except for the headline of the piece, which raised quite a few eyebrows:

NOM Bigoted For Using 'Divide And Conquer'

Later in the day, One News Now changed the headline to read:

Left rips NOM for 'divide and conquer' tactic

Now we don't know for sure what exactly happened, but knowing how NOM likes to keep tight control on its product, I am sure that there was a very interesting phone conversation between the headquarters of NOM and that of One News Now.

And I bet a few words were said.

If that's true, I doubt that those words did any good because the new headline seems to convict NOM for its homophobic race-baiting as much as the old one did.

This being the case, it's an unusual thing we have just witnessed.

This is probably one of the few times in the history of journalism that a headline was changed because it revealed truth.

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