Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Church members support pastor's call to imprison gays behind electrified fence

By now, we all know about Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church, NC and his sermon advocating imprisoning gays within an electrified fence so that we may die out.

But here is another sad part of the story. Members of his congregation support him:

Mark my words. Gays and lesbians are not the destroyers of Christianity. Some of these folks are doing an excellent job of it themselves and if those Christians who are shocked by this just simply stand aside and say nothing, then they are cowards.

It's easy to get angry at this madness but just remember one thing. The more ignorant people talk about destroying others, the more they destroy themselves. Hang tight brothers and sisters!

Hat tip to Towleroad

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Woodstock said...

Church members stood behind "Pastor" Sean Harris, too. (the one who advocated punching your son if he acted effeminate, and "cracking" his wrist if it was limp) Looks like passage of Amendment 1 in NC is just making these violent "pastors" bolder, and their congregations more hate-filled. Nice Christians in NC.

thom said...

It was very interesting to see that the only passage Ms. Sims had highlighted on that page of her bible was the part that she thinks tells her to hate queers. She really should highlight and read the first verse of the next chapter, where it tells her not to judge other people. Course, it's so much easier to hate other people's "sins" and ignore one's own. A very lazy kind of Christianity, to be sure.

Erica Cook said...

There are just so many things I want to say. Every time I hear him say those words I think of my family that died in the holocaust. I think of my sister seeing the first post and standing up for me and think of the raw anger she must have felt. I don't condemn those who choose to be Christians, and I know he doesn't speak for everyone. However, I'm glad I'm a Wiccan. I can't fathom how a you who are Christians feel when you hear these words.

Prospero said...

This man has been spewing hatred since the 70's. When you're raised with a hater, you learn to hate.

Bernie Keefe aka OneOfThe Watchers said...

The level of ignorance from some people who claim to be Christian, never ceases to amaze.

Thank God I was able to send him an excoriating letter before they took the website down.